AUSTRALIA Good Day English Monthly 10,000
AUSTRALIA Indian Voice English Monthly 11,000
AUSTRALIA Hindi Samachaar Patrika Hindi Monthly 30,000
AUSTRALIA South Asian Times English Monthly 10,000
AUSTRALIA Indus Age English Monthly 15,000
AUSTRALIA Indian Link English Monthly 25,000
AUSTRALIA Masala News Line English Monthly 12,000
AUSTRALIA Panjab Times Panjabi Monthly 15,000
CANADA Mid Week English Weekly 65,000
CANADA Voice English Weekly 65,000
CANADA India Journal English Weekly 32,500
CANADA South Asian Observer English Weekly 30,000
CANADA Panj Pani Journal Punjabi Weekly 30,000
CANADA Asian Pacific Post English Two - monthly 86,000
CANADA The Weekly Times of India English Weekly 15,000
CANADA Hindi Abroad Hindi Weekly  
CANADA The Asian Star English Weekly 20,000
CANADA The Punjabi Star Punjabi Weekly 12,000
CANADA Ajit Weekly Punjabi Weekly  
MAURITIUS Sunday Vani Hindi/bhojpuri Weekly 5,000
MAURITIUS Jaan Vani Hindi/bhojpuri Weekly 3,000
MALAYSIA Malaysian Nanban Tamil Weekly 41,000
MALAYSIA Tamil Nesan Tamil Daily 280,000
MALAYSIA Makkal Osai Tamil Weekly 60,000
NEWZEALAND The Auckland Times English Monthly 38,000
NEWZEALAND Indian News Link English Monthly 50,000
SINGAPORE Tamil Murasu - Daily Tamil Daily 40,000
SINGAPORE Tamil Murasu - Weekly Tamil Daily 60,000
SOUTH AFRICA Sa India English Monthly 12,500
SOUTH AFRICA Post Nri English Daily 52,202
UK Gujarat Samachar Gujarati Weekly 65,000
UK Asian Voice English Weekly 65,000
UK The Sikh Times English Weekly 45,000
UK Eastern Eye English Weekly 30,000
UK Despardes Punjabi Weekly 35,000
UK Panjab Times Punjabi Weekly 30,000
UK Garvi Gujarat - Uk Edition Gujarati Weekly 20,000
UK Ranjit Weekly Punjabi Weekly 85,000
USA Voice Of Asia English Weekly 90,000
USA Khabar English Monthly 21,000
USA Chitralekha Gujarati Monthly 9,000
USA Gujarat Times Gujarati Weekly 35,000
USA India Post English Weekly 18,000
USA Silicon India English Monthly 82,000
USA India Abroad English Weekly 55,000
USA East West Times English Monthly 10,000
USA India Journal English Weekly 20,500
USA India Living (monthly) English Monthly 25,000
USA India Tribune English Weekly 61,000
USA Lok News English Monthly 12,000
USA Khabar English Monthly 42,000
USA India Currents English Monthly 30,200
USA LITTLE INDIA English Monthly 144,491
USA BIZ INDIA English Monthly 35,000
USA INDIA WEST English Weekly 70,000
USA GARVI GUJARAT - US EDITION Gujarati Weekly 20,000
USA VOICE OF ASIA English Weekly 90,000
USA HAMDRAD WEEKLY Punjabi Weekly 12,350
USA QUAMI EKTA Punjabi Weekly 15,000
USA SHER - E - PUNJAB Punjabi Weekly 10,000